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One Life Left to Live

How will you spend it?

April 19, 2023

What if you were told you had only one year left to live?

It would completely change your whole perspective on life, right?

Things that are not important would quickly become obvious and you would shift your priorities to what really matters.

You’d be spending as much time as you could with loved ones and wondering what will happen to them after you’re gone.

Maybe you’d also be thinking about what will happen to you after you die.

It might cause you to start seeking God or to spend more time with Him.

One thing’s for sure though: you’d be much more aware of the passing of time and the fact that you can never get it back.

Diamonds and gold are considered valuable because they are in very limited supply.

During this last year of your life it would become clear that each day you live is an infinitely more valuable treasure.

The time you have left is precious.

It is in limited supply regardless of whether or not you have one year left to live or ten.

But we don’t really think of that since we assume there is still plenty of time left.

The reality is, most of us won’t live another 70 years, and no one is ever guaranteed another day on this earth.

Yet we still take the days, weeks, and months of our lives for granted.

People say things like, “I have some time to kill” or “I need to kill some time”.

Why waste something so priceless?

I think it’s all about perspective.

Life is short.

Really, really short.

And if dying means getting closer to death, then technically we are dying every day.

And I’m not trying to say we should live being paranoid of dying, but that we live with intention.

Every new day that you wake up to is a gift from God.

Instead of mindless pleasure seeking, seek God.

Do something meaningful in your life.

Make use of the passions and talents you’ve been given.

Live with real purpose.

Don’t delay your potential by wasting what relatively little time you have left.

Instead of being constantly distracted, learn to embrace today and enjoy each moment.

Make every single one count, as if you only had one year left to live.

Now, what if I told you that you only have the rest of your life left to live?